The Blazer Difference

 The FC Blazers Difference. What is it? It is the experience. FC Blazers has become a recognized leader in the development of elite soccer players who demonstrate exceptional skill and knowledge of the game, as well as a deep commitment to the values of sportsmanship, personal responsibility, respect and teamwork. Under the leadership of Francis Okaroh, FC Blazers has grown from one team, to ten teams of young men and women from all walks of life, who are taught about the power of confidence, and of the greater power that is revealed when one works towards their goals and achieves them. But more importantly, it is the people. Francis and his coaching staff exemplify the statement “The Blazers Difference,” as they promote excellence in academics, athletics and life skills.

Their expectations of our children are high. They focus on supporting our children to grow into responsible young people, and nurturing their individual talents and passions. They are committed to helping our children start on a path of possibilities and opportunities. For a growing number of families, financial support from FC Blazers plays a critical role in making the Blazer Difference accessible to our children.
The challenge is simple: without your support, the FC Blazers Fund will be limited in its ability to continue to make a personalized investment in the lives of our sons and daughters as excellent soccer players and excellent citizens. FC Blazers is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, so the gift you make today, will make a difference in the experience and in the lives of all of our players. We hope each and every family will contribute, as every amount, will make the Blazers Difference. We appreciate your generosity of both your financial support and your spirit. Warm regards,
Ian Loring, President
FC Blazers Board of Directors
Francis Okaroh, Technical Director
FC Blazers


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Testimonials of how the Blazer difference makes a difference.

Carlos Ruiz

It is not so much about my love for soccer or whether I’m good at this sport or not; what will separate me from any other teens or individuals is my love for God and assurance that I will make it anywhere that I want in life as long as I set Him as a priority.
One game, one important game for the city championship, I was called upon to take the penalty shot…with just one shot I felt nervous, anxious, scared, and intimidated. But as I ran towards the ball to take the shot, all those feelings completely converted into confidence, courage; a fearless and valiant mindset. When I looked up and saw the ball go into the net, I had the most incredible feeling anyone can have after working extremely hard for something; success.
I am very thankful for the club I play for, FC Blazers, who has given me the opportunity to perform for them, to learn about how to achieve success. It is an extraordinary organization with a very determined coach, Francis, who not only improves my skills, but also gives me, and each player, an ambitious mind set for success. Because of this, while I am sure that I still have many hills to climb, many battles to fight, many walls to tear down and many obstacles to overcome, I will succeed.
Michael Bustamante Lopez
I am from Chelsea, MA and I am a former FC Blazers athlete, now playing for Boston University. As a former FC Blazers player, I am extremely proud to have been part of this great club and to have been coached by some of the top coaches in the country. The FC Blazers taught me to perfect my fundamentals and strengths that make me the athlete I am today, not only on the field, but off the field as a person and student. I am so thankful to the commitment of the coaches to work with each athlete until their maximum potential is reached.
My goal for my future is to play top professional soccer, as well as to start my own business one day. The FC Blazers shaped me as a person by making me aware that just showing up to each practice to play wasn’t enough to become a top athlete. My coaches always expected more out of me in terms of my eating habits, resting my body, and putting forth a good image. These values are still with me today in all areas of my life.
Friends of Blazers