Tired of being just a number at a HUGE club???? Experience the FC Blazers difference.

So many families come to us after being swallowed up by so called big clubs.

False Promises

Constantly changing coaches

Inconsistant training sessions

No personal attention to development

Players falling through the cracks

Does it seem more like a business than a club?

At the FC Blazers we pride ourselves on our training and top notch coaching, and our results show it.

The only time your player will ever be a number is on their game jersey.

We care about our players and their development from A to Z. If your being swallowed up and stuck in a bad situation, don't waste any more time.

Register here now and then contact us at info@FCBlazers.com.

 We will assess your player and give him/her the attention they deserve.

Our team model is 1 team per age bracket so our players can receive the best training anywhere.You'll never wonder who your next coach will be.

Come and experience the Blazers difference.Your player deserves the best.






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